Dark chocolate quinoa cake with coconut cream and oranges

Hello my lovely readers! 

Today I’m writing a guest post for my friend Nadia over at Nature Insider.  When Nadia approached me to write a guest post for her blog, I knew I wanted to do something creative and unique. The result of countless days of debating what to make for her? A dark chocolate quinoa cake with coconut cream and oranges! With a video too!

You can read the full post and the recipe on my new blog, here. And for more healthy recipes, visit my other site.


  1. Ohhhhh!!! I love it! I’ve been wanting to do more with quinoa but haven’t had much success with recipes. Love how you used quinoa instead of flour…must try this! Hopping over to Nadia’s blog to check out the full recipe and pictures!

  2. cake with quinoa? gorgeous!
    love, love, love the video. you are a true inspiration Divya, much love x

  3. s says:

    just love your video… !!! just too gud…:)

  4. Absolutely love the video (pictures and recipe too of course!!). But I’m a big fan of your videos! Really cute and lively! You really added another nice feature to your blog Divya! And quinoa with dark chocolate… how delicious!

  5. omg- this is truly a beauty ! loved the recipe soooo much. thanks for sharing it divya

  6. Such a lovely video! I am totally enjoying each one your videos… keep them coming!

  7. Sophie says:

    What a lovely & very cool video! A very unusual recipe , dessert involving quinoa! This recipe rocks! :) The lusic is very Cool too! ;)

    MMMMMMM! I can’t wait to make this stunning cake! The coconut frosting & topped orange segments rock too!!!

  8. shruti says:

    great video divya……i love the song ! found a new artist thanks to you :-)

  9. I’m so glad to hear that going gluten free has been such a great experience for you, I know it’s one of the best changes I ever made.

  10. Gorgeousness!!!
    Divya, I am in love with ur videos… You are the best Gal!!

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  12. Archana says:

    This is an incredible cake. Different and delicious.

  13. louise says:

    What a beautifull recipe, thank you so much! I made the cake today, (with only subtles modifications) and WOW it was delicious!!! I cannot eat gluten, and I am so happy to find recipes without flour. I will now follow your blog :)

  14. Soma says:

    This is so unusual and so beatiful. I have to dare to try this. such beautifullllllllll flavors!

  15. Love the video, the pictures, the colors, the music, the harmony.

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