Happy New Year!

January 3, 2012Recipes

Happy New Year to all my lovely readers! I hope you had a relaxing holiday and had a chance to spend some quality time with your friends and family.

It’s hard to believe that 2011 is over! Looking back, it was quite an eventful year for me. 2011 was the year I started blogging, left my corporate job to follow my passion and started working on the initial plans for a food business (which you’ll hear more about this year). 2011 was exciting, but I’m even more excited about 2012 and all that it has to offer. For the first post of the year, I wanted to share a few of my favourite inspiring and motivating quotes and prints. I also wanted to talk about a few of the exciting plans I have for the blog. Read on!


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Do you have any New Years resolutions for 2012? I always start out with a long list of resolutions, but usually by the end of January (or earlier!), I give up on them. Doesn’t that sound familiar? It’s hard to stick to your resolutions unless you make them part of your lifestyle and remember them on a daily basis. That’s why I love the print below which I found on Pinterest. It basically sums up all my resolutions on one page and I can read it everyday to start my day on a great note.

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I truly believe that each and every one of us has a special talent that we may or may not be aware of. Is there something you enjoy, but haven’t had a chance to pursue yet? Why not go for it this year?

I had no clue that I had a passion for food until last year, nor did I know that I had any creative sensibilities. It wasn’t until my husband coaxed me into starting a blog, that I realized how much I really enjoyed food and all the creative aspects of it including food photography and styling.

After I finished my Masters in Chemical Engineering, I started working for a consulting firm and then later on moved onto a bank. I thought the corporate world was for me and never questioned my decision. All my peers were working in corporate roles, so I thought that I should too. But, after three years, I realized that I didn’t see myself working in a 9 to 5 job for the next 40 years. However, I had no idea what I was good at or what I should do for a living. While I was working, I started the blog and that became an outlet for my creativity. I really began to enjoy it and decided to quit my day job, take a risk to start a new chapter in my life.

Since then, I’ve published two magazines on my own and currently, I’m working on starting up my own food product line. Much more exciting than working in a 9 to 5 job! We all have a spark in us and we should try to find out what it is. I’m not saying that all 9 to 5 jobs are boring, but find out what you’re truly good at and try to work in that industry. I know so many people who just land up in a particular job sector after graduating and stay in it because of the money. Money is definitely important, but so is your happiness. If you don’t like what you’re doing at work, then it’s time to reconsider! We all have  a spark – just find it, ignite it and you’ll shine!

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Taking a risk to start a new chapter in your life is difficult, but just remember that you have one life to live and you don’t want to have any disappointments later on. Mark Twain’s quote sums if it up nicely. So go on – explore, dream and discover!

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Now that you’re pumped about the new year, let’s talk about the blog. I have some exciting plans for the year ahead:

1. Flavour Fiesta started off as a food blog to document my experiments in the kitchen. I haven’t always made the healthiest dishes (remember the nutella truffles?), but this year I want to focus more on healthy dishes that taste just as good as the real deal. It’s a challenge, but I’m excited about what I can come up with. Do you have any “unhealthy” dishes that you want made healthier? Let me know.

2. I’m planning on starting a weekly series on health and wellness. Living a healthy life and eating well isn’t easy and we all slip up now and then, but to motivate myself and my readers, I want to search out the new trends, tips and tricks from the healthy/wellness world.

3. Let’s take global cuisine to a new level this year! Stay tuned for more globally-inspired recipes from countries like India, China, Thailand, Mexico, etc. I’m always looking for new ingredients and trying them out at home, but I’m not usually blogging about them because I’m worried about using ingredients that my readers can’t find easily. I have finally found a way to work around that. I came across this great online store that delivers spices around the world. More about that in another post…

4. As for the magazine, I’m already planning for bigger and better issues this year! I have a few inspiring contributors lined up, but I’m always looking for more creative foodies. If you’re interested in contributing for the spring issue, just drop a line at divya [at] flavourfiesta [dot] com.

So do you have any special plans for 2012? Would love to hear from you!



  1. Cher says:

    Happy New Year Div! Great blog!

  2. i enjoyed reading this post…very inspiring divya . the mark twain quotes is one of my favorites ! happy new year !

  3. I wish you all the best Divya! Your magazine is beautiful and I wish you much success in 2012.

  4. Maggie says:

    Happy New Year, Divya! Wish you health, happiness and lots of creative inspiration in the new year. The magazine is great, keep it on!

  5. Happy new year! Your blog and magazine are amazing and such a wonderful inspiration!

  6. shaz says:

    Happy New Year Divya! What an inspiring start to 2012. I too was thinking I really should eat more healthily this year, will definitely check out your blog for healthy treats.

  7. Alina says:

    what an awesome fun and inspiring entry. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and your plans and the pinterest poster :)

  8. Alina says:

    oh, and I’d love a recipe for a healthier chili :)

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